Help us better understand your ostomy care needs.

Across our company and in everything we do, our Mission is to make life more rewarding and dignified for the people who use our products and services. In order to do that, we need to understand your experiences of living with an ostomy and the products you use. We learn from you in many different ways, such as clinical research studies, survey research on various lifestyle and well-being topics, and product development feedback. Your contributions can help us make improvements or new ideas come to life.

Some example opportunities for you to be involved in providing feedback include:

  • Providing insight on what is most important to you in your product choice stoma care routines
  • Helping Hollister scientists and engineers evaluate new product concepts and prototypes
  • Guiding our understanding of your needs and how they are met or not met today
  • Helping ostomy care nurses and other healthcare professionals understand how to provide quality care for their patients
  • Sharing how living with an ostomy impacts your day to day life

Each opportunity is different, and new ones come up over time. Sign up here, and we’ll reach out to let you know about opportunities that might be a fit.

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